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The collet torque of automatic tapping machine

The collet torque of automatic tapping machine

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In the actual use of the tapping machine, it need to adjust the variety of the tapping machine, the size of chuck torsion torque of control is the most common, so we should how to adjust it? Specific methods look down:

1. General tapping machine manufacturers in the factory when the torque of the collet torque set, when we in the attack is tough material objects, or tapping machine in use after a period of time appear stuck phenomenon lead to can not continue normal tapping, we need to adjust for the.
2, we should with screwdriver to pick up next to the chuck ring.
The practical steps are as follows:
1, use the card spring pliers to relax the card to take off.
2, the spring clamp placed into section the adjusting holes inside and along the clockwise adjustment and tapping machine twist torque will be larger, in turn will be smaller, we adjust the after and need to to relax clamp ring is clamped to the original place. We are adjusting to the attention of the time, must be a frame adjustment, step by step, not blindly adjust.

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