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Details of the Shanghai fasteners exhibition and China inter

Details of the Shanghai fasteners exhibition and China inter

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In October of 2018, the Shanghai fastener exhibition and China international fastener industry expo (October 21-23, the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall) is China's mechanical generic components industry association, China's mechanical generic components industry association fasteners branch, hannover exhibition company as a professional exhibition organizer only involves fasteners, and only "in the" "fasteners TTF attending. Co-sponsored by Shanghai love snail exhibition co., LTD and hannover milan exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD.
At present, fastener industry develops rapidly, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter. The shift towards manufacturing powerhouse in the fastener manufacturing power key period, is an urgent need to trade organizations to establish a technology exchange, information sharing, to develop the domestic and international market economic and trade platform, make the concept of green environmental protection, science and technology innovation promoted step by step, make extensive growth enterprises to the latter, efficiency to gradually shift.
Adhering to this concept, the 2018 Shanghai fasteners exhibition and October China international fastener industry exposition will build a highly specialized, internationalized and authoritative display and exchange platform for the fastener industry.
Display range covers the entire industrial chain related products, equipment and technology, including for all kinds of standard fasteners and non-standard parts, fasteners, fastener manufacturing industry application technology and equipment, fasteners with mould and consumption of goods and raw materials, and related products and techniques, etc. With an exhibition area of 34,000 square meters, more than 700 exhibitors and 1, 700 standard booths, the exhibition is expected to have 25,000 professional visitors from 40 countries and regions.

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