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HRS6-75 Thread Rolling Machine

HRS6-75 Thread Rolling Machine

HRS6-75 Thread Rolling Machine

Model HRS-1R HRS-001 HRS-003 HRS-004 HRS6-75 HRS8-120
Thread Dia 2.6 mm 0.8-1.7 mm 1-3 mm 1.7-4 mm 2-6mm 8mm
Max. Length 25 mm 20 mm 20 mm 25 mm 75mm 120mm
Production Speed (pcs/Min.) 400-600 30-500 450-550 480-600 200 120-160
Thread Rolling Die Dimension 15x25x45-55 15x20x45-55 15x20x45-55 20x25x65-80 25.4x80x90-105 M8-25.4x80x108-127 108x25x120 127x25x120
Main Motor 1 HP 1/4HP 1-1/2HP 1-1/2HP 3HP 5HP 7HP. 1/4. 1/8
Overall Dimension 120x66x132cm 100x38x112cm 100x38x112cm 120x60x140cm 182x140x155cm 240x165x140cm
Watching Weight 350kg 380kg 380kg 590kg 1500kg 2200kg

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